Accounting services in Estonia

What is accounting services in Estonia?

Accounting is an orderly system of collecting, recording and summarizing information in monetary terms about the property, liabilities of the organization and their movement by means of a complete, continuous and documented record of all economic transactions.

Types of accounting services in Estonia.

  • Keeping of accounting records in the manner stipulated by the Law on Accounting.
  • Organization and restoration of accounting.
  • Preparation of internal accounting rules at the enterprise.
  • Systematic storage of documents until the end of the treaty.
  • Control of conformity of primary documents with legal acts regulating accounting and their entry into registers.
  • Accounting of major equipment, taxes, salaries, as well as payments to individuals and board members, warehouse accounting.
  • Account management, billing, receivables tracking and invoice payment reminder.
  • Preparation of reports on business trips, reports of the responsible person.
  • Providing information on the indicators of economic activity of the enterprise at the request of the client.
  • Preparation of reports for the business year.
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the Tax and Customs Board in accordance with the procedure and deadlines established by the Estonian legislation.
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the Business Register, the Statistical Department, the Bank of Estonia in accordance with the procedure and deadlines established by the legislation of Estonia.




Data Analysis

Top priority of accounting services.

The main purpose of accounting servicesĀ in Estonia is to provide accounting information to own and third-party users according to the law or information needs. The information provided to own users should be timely, reliable and sufficient for making decisions on the effective management of the enterprise, analysis of its activities, for planning, control.